PREMIERE " Amorezii in flagrant " -BRASOV

A breed of mice and cats in the same hotel room, if the husband refuses to divorce, what remains to be done?
Arlene is the young, beautiful and very bored - wife of her marriage to Paul, a linear, boring, boring and tasteless envy. At the opposite pole is Mitchel, the family dentist, attractive, charming, adventurous and unscrupulous. On the path of happiness between doctor and patient, only her husband remains, so that the two lovers prepare all the weapons to get rid of him. The only problem is that none of them committed a crime, so things get out of control and the situation comedian takes over a specific room in a particular Howard Johnson hotel.
Distribution: Ana Odagiu, Conrad Mericoffer, Marius Gîlea ( also known for Separate from love ) After Ron Clark and Sam Bobrick.