How It Works..?

Brief description of our platform

We are glad that you have chosen Urlaub in Rumänien and that you are with us.
In short, we are a platform that promotes Romanian tourism in Germany and Austria. We are proud of our country and we want to show others the unsuspected beauties of Romania.
On this page you will find questions and answers that I hope will help you.

To access the platform you will need to register. - Add Event (top right) - Recording.

Short description and registration steps

Our page is very easy to use.

~ If you want to search for a specific event you can go to the top left of the "Search" bar. There you add the keyword or the name of the event and you will find out if it exists in our database or not;

~ Of course you can also search for the period in which the event / advertisement is held in the upper right of "Choose Period". You can even view what important events are in a certain period.

~ Filters on the page, such as (Search, Choose City, Choose Period, Choose Category, and Choose County) are specially designed to make your search much easier.