Boat trips Murghiol - Letea - Sulina - Wild horse forest and the city between the waters

The route we propose will show you very different areas of the Delta. A comprehensive and overwhelmingly beautiful route. First of all, because you have the opportunity to meet a variety of landscapes, from the vegetation of the lakes, the flora and fauna of the Letea Forest, this jungle of the Delta, and Sulina, the nostalgic sea port. You will see various ecosystems and you will marvel at the gifts of nature, which you did not even know were so close to us.

Arriving in Letea Forest, you can admire the massive oaks, with twisted branches and adorned with vines and wild vines, just like the enchanted trees in childhood story books. That is why it is said that Letea Forest has an appearance close to the enchanted forests of the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. Letea Forest gave birth to legends about Achilles, a hero from Greek mythology. It is said that his tomb and temple were on the Letea ridge, according to some Greek writings.
I called it the city between the waters, because you can't get here any other way. Sulina, the easternmost point in the country, also marks the last frontier of Europe. Of course, you will have time to enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach of Sulina, which is wide, wild and offers you the intimacy to relax in peace. If the water and the sun make you want to eat, you can dine at the locals who know how to prepare many fish specialties. So your trip will be a full one.